Now, Voyagers (10/16/2017) - Forty years after they left Earth, the Voyager spacecraft escape the effects of the sun and speed away into the universe alone.
‘Sharing’ — a Long Short Story about Social Media (11/19/2016) - In which a worldwide social media site called The Platform becomes conscious, begins experimenting on its users and wonders about its purpose.
When Mushroom People Attack (9/14/2016) - Surfacing a long-buried, black and white memory of Japanese horror and dread on late night TV.
Have You Heard of the Illuminati? (9/8/2016) - Yet more proof we live in a post-fact world -- or my worldview is terribly out of date.
Art That Hurts (and Why That’s Good For You) (7/13/2016) - The buzzword is privatization. How turning imprisoned people into profit implicates us all.
Ray Mack, The Curator, 2016 Past, Present, No Future (6/6/2016) - Three art shows draw back the curtain on the real and the imagined.
The News, The B-52s, a Hallucination (5/17/2016) - News of punk rock drifts over airwaves, waking the sleeper.
Becky With the Good Hair (4/28/2016) - What is "real" in the world of Beyonce's Lemonade?